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Scientific lectures
(with certificate of attendance)

Studium Generale offers enriching lectures for people of all backgrounds that touch lives, enhance life skills and promote general education. No prior knowledge of the subject is required.

Studium Specific differs only in that it assumes some prior knowledge, as technical terms are applied rather than defined. You are welcome to try these lectures to see if they suit you. You are welcome to listen and participate.

See below for examples.

Practical seminars
(without certificate)

Application-oriented seminars, which partly put scientific knowledge into practice or increase professional and life skills.







See below for examples.

Dialogue sessions
(without certificate)

Life throws us into difficult situations that can be challenging for a while. Employees experience support in open, anonymous dialogue sessions.







See below for examples.


You can view the current live events for 2024 with dates, topics and speaker names in the Events Calendar.



Afterwork-Campus is a part of AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education Germany AIHE develops and runs distance learning courses and/or lecture series for the Fachhochschule Wien der WKW, the London Metropolitan University, the University of East London and the Europäischen Fachhochschule (Rheine, Berlin, Köln, Rostock). 

From January 2024, AIHE will offer the Afterwork- Campus service to companies on a large scale. Science education for employees and managers in companies. Science education for ALL. Whatever their background, whatever their hierarchical level. Leading professors share their knowledge and engage in dialogue with the audience. Studium Generale lectures are accessible to all and do not require any prior knowledge of the subject. Studium Specific, on the other hand, can be chosen and requires some prior knowledge.

Once an employee has attended five lectures, a certificate of attendance is issued.

In the vast majority of cases, the lecturers hold a professorship or at least a doctorate and not only meet all the requirements to teach at a university, but are also among the most renowned personalities not only in Germany. Take a look at our list of lecturers with photos and descriptions.

Examples of content categories for these formats include:

  • Social-psychological phenomena: human judgements in everyday life, dealing with stress and sport and what business can learn from it, personality development, becoming the best part of yourself, the psychology of decision-making, online behaviour, self-presentation online, etc.
  • Physical health: nutrition, exercise, medical advice from doctors, taking responsibility for your own health, etc.
  • Mental health: resilience, online therapy options, relaxation techniques, developing cognitive skills, burnout at work, internet and online gambling addiction, family and internet addiction and much more.
  • Psychology and Medicine: Somatopsychology – avoiding physical triggers of mental disorders, Orthemolecular medicine – an insight, latest findings in psychology and medicine, etc.
  • New technologies: gamification, artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction, big data, digital globalisation, internet propaganda, ethics in virtual spaces, cybercrime, etc.
  • Leadership: decentralised leadership, the dark triad, HR psychology, deciphering the future: from VUCA to BANI, motivating employees, occupational health management, interdisciplinary skills, dealing with disruptive employees, etc.
  • Business: Profit and loss planning, change management, project management, budgeting
  • Online marketing and sales: Negotiation: Winning without winning, sales psychology, influencer marketing, etc.


2. Practival Live Seminars:

The aim of our short seminars is to provide your employees with practical knowledge that reinforces the lecture content and can be directly applied in their professional and/or private lives.

The practical seminars are carried out by the AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education Germany. Our seminars are characterised by the fact that they do not focus on purely academic content, but rather demonstrate tools, strategies and techniques that are relevant to professional or practical everyday life. Our focus is to provide your employees with practical solutions that will help them to continue to be successful in their careers and to face challenges with confidence.

For example:

  • Afterwork English Talk (only seminar that is participant-limited)
  • The 7 Pillars of Resilience
  • Schooling the back – getting a healthy back
  • Stress management through autogenic training
  • Nutrition. Why you should think about what you eat
  • Dealing with highly sensitive children
  • Dealing with introverted and shy children
  • Preventing burnout
  • The systematic path to financial success
  • ETFs made easy – how to build wealth in any income bracket
  • How to start investing in stocks
  • and much more


3. Live-Dialogue Sessions:

Life always brings us into difficult situations that are challenging for a while. It can happen to us or to someone around us. Sometimes it is a gradual development, sometimes it is a sudden event. In such moments it can be helpful to know how to deal with it and how to keep ourselves stable. Dialogue rounds are conducted in a similar way to group therapy or group counselling, and are very similar. By facilitating dialogue rounds, your employees will not only receive valuable information, but also support and assistance in coping with these difficult times.

For example (webcam can be disabled, pseudonym possible):

  • Grief and loss counselling
  • Dealing with suicidal people in the community
  • Dealing with people with dementia in the community
  • Anonymous addiction counselling
  • Dealing with employees showing signs of behavioural problems
  • and much more
Businesswoman standing at podium with laptop and smiling. Successful female business professional addressing a conference.

Information for private payers

100% Reimbursement of expenses

If you start a Bachelor’s or Master’s distance learning programme with AIHE within 24 months of completing your last Afterwork Campus booking, 100% of your Afterwork Campus expenses will be credited/offset.


Please feel free to send us your suggestions and requests for lecture or seminar topics. We look forward to receiving your suggestions:

feedback @ academic-institute.com. 

Your feedback

Please feel free to send us anonymous or open feedback, including criticism and suggestions for improving:

feedback @ academic-institute.com. 



The After-Work offer can be booked by employers as a flat rate service for their employees. If your employer is our contractual partner/client, you will receive a 10% discount when you start studying at AIHE.

Individual Seminars

We can design and deliver customised seminars and workshops to meet your specific training needs. This service is not included in the package.

Your Feedback

Please feel free to send us anonymous or open feedback, including criticism and suggestions for improving:

feedback @ academic-institute.com.