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The best thing about AIHE is the people behind it

The team behind the Institute







Management Board, Advisory Board & contributors

Prof. Dr. Andrea Gensel

Managing Director

Prof. Dr. Andrea Gensel (born 1963), trained in business and clinical psychology, systemic therapist, PhD in psychology, professor of psychology with a focus on psychological medicine. She has 15 years' experience of advising corporate management on psychological issues and 20 years' experience of working as a psychotherapist.

AIHE Academic Institute for Higher Education GmbH

Dr. Kristina Herber

Academic Director

Dr Herber (born 1982) manages and is responsible for all the programmes we offer with our partner universities. Together with her team, she ensures a high level of customer/student satisfaction and is also responsible for accreditation. Her level-headed and always friendly manner, as well as her rational and solution-oriented way of thinking, is a great asset to us all.


Björn Engholm

Chairman of the advisory board

Minister President and former Federal Minister of Education Björn Engholm. Advisory board member of the Gensel Group for 13 years. His intellectuality, ethics and values enrich our company philosophy and me personally every day. I am very grateful to be able to learn from his knowledge and experience every day.



Cooperation partner

A legend in our midst. It is a great honour for me to have Prof. Schulz von Thun behind me and my team, championing the Masters programme, advising us and contributing his communications expertise. So popular and successful, yet so modest.


Dr. Raimund Mildner

Advisory board

Dr Mildner has been a consultant to my Gensel Group companies for over 13 years and is a sparring partner, motivator and visionary in a class of his own. Business & Development is his talent. A networker and a doer. He has helped a large number of start-ups to great success.


Lecturers & Examiners

Prof. Dr. Annegret Reski

Lecturer and examiner

Annegret Reski has been enhancing our team for 15 years now. She holds a doctorate in Communication and has extensive professional experience as a lecturer. From aptitude diagnostics to personnel management and communication psychology, she covers all specialist areas. Her quiet, calm voice turns her interesting lectures into a cosy hour of learning. As professor, she has really won over our hearts.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Wolbers


Prof. Dr. Wolbers is Professor for Aging, Cognition & Technology at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE). He uses neuroscience and virtual reality (VR) to understand mechanisms of healthy aging and dementia and develops therapeutic VR applications to improve the treatment of mental disorders.


Prof. Ruben Abagyan


Prof. Abagyan is a pharmacologist and teaches at the University of San Diego. His research focuses on the development of new technologies for structure-based discovery and optimisation of medication. He offers AIHE his expertise in the field of neurosciences and pharmacology. Botox as an anti-depressant? You might be surprised.


Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Bass

Lecturer and examiner

Prof. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Bass is a renowned German economist who has been very successfully supporting us with his expertise as a lecturer and as an examiner for the economics-oriented degree courses for some years now. Many thanks for the wonderful work and for your loyalty. Website


Prof. Dr. Petra Korte


She is an examiner within our team, working on the degree courses and examinations. She is well known thanks to various publications and her activities in teaching and research.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Baghai


Prof. Dr. Thomas C. Baghai carries out research in the field of clinical neurosciences and depression at the University Hospital of Regensburg and teaches for us on the subject of “Connection between depression and inflammation”. Does inflammation within the body have an effect on the development of depression? Find out in our lectures. Image rights:medbo/ Website


Prof. Tom Bschor


Prof. Bschor teaches in the field of psychopharmacology for us. He is a specialist in psychiatry in Berlin, carrying out research and teaching in various specialist fields, e.g. therapy-resistant depression, bipolar affective disorder, long term prophylaxis of affective diseases, addictions, especially alcohol, drug and medication dependence.Website


Dr. Annechien Helsdingen


Dr. Helsdingen lectures in the field of social psychology. She gained her doctorate in the field of experimental psychology. She lives and works in the Netherlands. Personally, I could listen to her lectures for hours.They are fascinating in their content and delivered with clarity. Many thanks.


Prof. Dr. Tabea Scheel


Prof. Dr. Scheel is an expert in business and organizational psychology. Working as a freelance coach, she also has her finger on the pulse of practice. She is fascinated by the role of humor in the work context.


Dr. Crystal Carr


Dr. Carr is a neuroscientist and supports us in the field of "Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology and Drug Addiction". She is employed by the University of Michigan (USA) in the field of research and teaching and works for us in parallel. She supports us in offering our students international expertise thanks to great lectures.


Prof. Dr. Michael Grözinger


Prof. Dr. Grözinger is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy as well as neurology and one of very few experts worldwide in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). His lectures on this subject are fascinating, helpful and very important, particularly because this form of treatment can be very helpful. A great expert. Website


Dr. Kurt Mosetter


Myoreflex therapy as trauma complementary therapy? What are the active mechanisms? It is a form of therapy that has achieved great success worldwide and is gaining more and more recognition. We are delighted to have recruited the inventor of this method, Dr. Kurt Mosetter, to join us as a lecturer. It’s a great honour. Thank you. Youtube


Prof. Dr. Tillmann Krüger


Prof. Krüger is a specialist in psychiatry, psychotherapy and neurology. He lectures on the subject of psychological medicine for us. Botulinumtoxin as a treatment for depression and borderline disorders? Together with Prof. Wollmer, he has a significant involvement in research into this new treatment method and is renowned worldwide. Look forward to more! Website


Prof. Dr. Roland Mangold


Prof. Dr. Roland Mangold is a habilitated psychologist and professor of information and communication psychology. He teaches and conducts research on the user-centered design of information media. With AIHE, he introduces the field of media psychology in comprehensible lectures.


Prof. Dr. Robert Gücker

Lecturer and examiner

Prof. Dr. Robert Gücker, a psychologist specialising in media and business psychology, especially in the area of recruiting. He holds a doctorate in media didactics and e-learning and has worked as a lecturer and examiner at various universities and in the private sector. www.guecker.org

IMG_0687 Kopie

Prof. Angelo Cangelosi


Prof. Dr. Karsten Stueber


Prof. Dr. Stueber is a philosopher who teaches at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA). He is internationally well-known for his scholarship on empathy and has widely published in the areas of philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, the philosophy of the social sciences, and meta-ethics. At the moment, he is exploring the role of empathy for the foundations of morality. Professor Stueber grew up in Flensburg, Germany, and received his Ph.D. from the Unversity of Tübingen.


Dr. Aitak Farzi


Dr. Farzi is a researcher and pharmacologist at the Medical University of Graz and lectures for us on the topic of “Microbiom intestinal-brain axis & mental health”. Such an important topic, and so clearly and professionally presented.


Prof. Dr. Bernhard Bogerts


Prof. (em.) Dr Bernhard Bogerts is a brain researcher and psychiatrist in Magdeburg. He is well-known for his work on the brain-biological changes in schizophrenic and affective disorders as well as on the causes of violence.

Bogerts, Prof

Prof. Marc Ziegenbein


Prof. Ziegenbein is a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy and an expert in the field of culturally sensitive psychiatry. As Medical Director of the Wahrendorff Clinic, he is committed to special treatment offers for people with a migration background. Another focus is research in the field of gender-sensitive medicine. Prof. Ziegenbein aims to raise awareness and enthusiasm for these topics.

Prof. Ziegenbein

Dr. Astrid Dirksen


Dr. Dirksen has been working for us for around four years. She’s a fantastic examiner. I hope that I will be able to keep her in our team for many years to come. Warm and committed.


Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Moutchnik


With Professor Alexander Moutchnik, AIHE has an expert in media economics and media business at its side. Professor Moutchnik studied history, sociology, political science and economics in Russia and Germany. He supports AIHE especially in the field of communication with new media.


Dr. Volker Rimkus


Dr. Rimkus is a gynaecologist and is a legend in the field of hormone research and treatment in men and women. Many doctors worldwide are convinced of the effectiveness of his research and method (Rimkus method), apply it to patients and record excellent treatment results. The storms and headwinds from the pharmaceutical industry are slowly abating. It is sad to see whether money or the patient is the priority.


Dr. Clemens Veltrup


Dr. Clemens Veltrup has been working for the Gensel Group for 11 years. As a psychologist, psychotherapist and head psychologist at a clinic for addiction diseases, he is one of the best lecturers I have ever heard. Full of experience and life, an excellent teacher, he has been inspiring our students for years.


Dr. Sarah Zorica Mitic


Dr. Nils Beer


Dr. Beer teaches Psychology at the University of Westminster and works in Vienna as a clinical psychologist. He knows Mihály Csíkszentmihályi’s flow concept very well, and he himself gets into the flow when teaching, but also when salsa dancing and inline skating.


Dr. Bernd Borchard


Dr Bernd Borchard is a psychological psychotherapist and works as a lecturer and supervisor for various forensic institutions in Germany and Switzerland. He is a lecturer in the Master of Advanced Studies in Forensic Psychology at the University of Constance, co-owner of a practice for assessments, supervision, counselling and workshops in Constance, Zurich and Hamburg and supports us with his expertise in lectures on forensic psychology.


Dr. Victoria Talwar


Dr. Victoria Talwar is a Professor and a Canada Research Chair (II) in Forensic Developmental Psychology in the Dept. of Educational and Counselling Psychology at McGill University. Her research is in the area of developmental psychology with an emphasis on social-cognitive development, children’s deception and applied child witness issues.


Prof. Dr. Elke Berninger-Schäfer


Prof. Dr. Elke Berninger-Schäfer, graduate psychologist, senior coach (DBVC), supervisor BDP, CAI®-certified online coach, is the owner of the Karlsruhe Institute and offers further training in business, health and online coaching, as well as in digital leadership. As managing partner of CAI® GmbH, she has built up the CAI® World platform with many interactive online tools and formats.

Berninger-Schäfer, Prof_Dr

Prof. Harold Koenig


Dr. Koenig is Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Duke University Health System. He has worked for over 35 years conducting research and teaching on religion and health.


Dr. Margarida Correia Rafael

Lecturer and examiner

Dr. Rafael is a Portuguese psychologist who lectures for us on a regular basis. From psychology for companies through to statistics. Highly competent and with an intercultural view on things. Thank you.


Dr. Alexandra Mattern-Roggelin


Dr. Mattern-Roggelin is a clinical psychologist specializing in psychodynamic psychotherapy. She works as a licensed psychologist and family therapist at the renowned Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital (Baltimore, Maryland, USA). In addition, she teaches and supervises physicians in further training to become specialists in psychiatry.


Dr. Wiebke Stegh


Dr. Stegh is a psychologist and a relaxed examiner. Why? A two-year further education course in "Yoga & Psychology" allows her to take a deep breath as a part-time yoga teacher and calmly mark her exams.


Dr. Meena Dogra


Dr. Meena Dogra (Sharma) is a registered clinical psychologist psychotherapist (India & Germany) with PhD. She is passionate about clinical psychology and research with years of experience working as an assistant professor, supervisor and examiner.


Dr. Angelika Treibel


Dr. Treibel is a psychological expert on the topic of "highly stressful events". After studying psychology in Heidelberg, she worked scientifically and practically with this topic in various institutions. The goal-oriented support of indirectly and directly affected persons is a matter close to her heart.


Prof. Dr. Stephan Rusch

Lecturer and examiner

Prof. Dr. Stephan Rusch. Occupational and organisational psychologist. He likes to travel to the other side of the world for heavy metal concerts. And in between, he is available to us as a lecturer and examiner.


Dr. Jannis Hagenah

Lecturer and Examiner

We are pleased to have Jannis Hagenah, an expert in Artificial Intelligence. An engineer and computer scientist with a PhD, he researches and teaches at the University of Oxford and AIHE. His research focus is on the development of cognitive systems in medicine and ranges from intelligent surgical planning to wearable-based intensive care and autonomous robotic systems.

Dr. Hagenah

Dr. Pirie Grützmacher


This psychologist, who has just graduated with a doctorate, is highly committed and professional in her work for us as an examiner. She studied at the University of Malaya and graduated from the University of Exeter in the UK with her second master’s degree. She is a great asset to us, both on a professional and human level.


Markus Graw


Markus Graw uses his training as an opera singer to bring scientific theories to life. Economics is his hobbyhorse and he uses it to gallop through your exams.


Dr. Emanuel Jauk


Dr. Emanuel Jauk is postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Medical Psychology and Psychotherapy at Medical University of Graz/Austria. He is active in research and teaching on interindividual differences from a personality psychology, clinical psychology, and neuroscience perspective. His current research interests are: Narcissism, emotional competence, social affect and cognition. https://www.dtmd.me/


Dr. Marius Deckers


Marius Deckers holds a doctorate in psychology and, during his time as a scientist, gained experience in both theoretical research on empathy and its practical impact on employees in social professions. He was so enthusiastic about this that he started his own business as a freelance lecturer in this field and now wants to share his knowledge with the world, for example through the AIHE.


Sebastian Benne


Being both a lecturer for Social and Personnel Psychology and a Leadership trainer/facilitator, Sebastian Benne takes the psychological theory into practice and combines the best of both worlds. Loves to be on the move - for his clients, with his sons, on the bike or for a good cause.


Dr. Veronica Fruiht


Veronica’s research is at the intersection of positive psychology and adolescent development. She studies the role of mentors in helping young people transition to adulthood and develop the hope to achieve their goals.


Dr. Aydasara Ortega Torres


Dr. Torres is a 37-year old psychologist and lawyer. She lives in New York and works at the college in Brooklyn. She is a lecturer in Organisational Psychology for us. She gives a series of lectures across a variety of modules. I would like to thank her very much for her commitment.


Dr. Tim Wind


Dr. Tim Wind is clinical psychologist, program manager e-health in Centrum '45, head teacher e-health at RINO Amsterdam and is a national ambassador of e-health in mental health care. As a clinician, he is specialized in psychotraumas and personality problems. As a senior researcher (PhD) his research programme revolves around e-health, social capital and mental health.


Magdalena Schwarzer


Ms. Schwarzer studied Neurocognitive Psychology in Germany and now works as a course leader in the field of Psychology at the Universidad Bolivariana in Chile as well as for us as an examiner. She is young, but is a very tough and straightforward psychologist.


Dr. Kevin Teoh


Dr Teoh is a Chartered Psychologist at Birkbeck, University of London, UK. He is also the Executive Officer of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology. His research and practice looks at how workplaces are designed, organised and managed and their impact on worker health.

Teoh, Kevin

Nikolas Fuchs


Mr. Fuchs assesses examinations in the specialist field of Psychology. He also brings with him experience that he has gained at a German university as a tutor. We are looking forward to welcoming him here.


Sabine Schreckenthaler


Sabine Schreckenthaler studied psychotherapy sciences at the Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna and works for us as an examiner. Welcome to the team.


Dr. Astrid Rimbach

Lecturer and examiner

Dr. Rimbach is a very experienced lecturer and examiner. She works in business and in universities. Industrial healthcare management is important to her.


Patrik Koncz


Patrik Koncz, a psychologist with a main interest in the research of internet and video game use. During his PhD studies, he is focusing on the risk factors of gaming disorder, with specific focus on comorbid disorders, such as ADHD or depression.

2photo Kopie

Dr. Christiane Holstegge


Dr. Holsstegge is a psychologist and psychotherapist and supports us with her expertise as an examiner. In addition to her work for us, she also has her own psychotherapy practice. Website


Dr. Rebekka Wolff-Alsen


Stephan Eichler


The trained winegrower, who is also a graduate in Oenology and Psychology as well as a systemic consultant, has been working as an examiner for universities since 2014. And luckily for AIHE, he has worked here too since the beginning of 2020.


Prof. Dr. Bart Baesens


Professor Bart Baesens is a professor of Big Data & Analytics at KU Leuven (Belgium), and a lecturer at the University of Southampton (United Kingdom). He has done extensive research on big data & analytics, credit risk modeling, fraud detection, and marketing analytics. He co-authored more than 250 scientific papers and 10 books. His research is summarized at www.dataminingapps.com.


Dr. Jan-Peter Brückner


Dr. Jan-Peter Brückner is a psychologist and sports scientist who is passionate about psychophysiological research on nutrition, training and health. He supports our institute as an examiner and lecturer in the fields of psychological medicine and sports psychology.


Dr. Verena Eichel


Dr. Verena Eichel holds a doctorate in psychology with a focus on work, organizational and business psychology. She has been a lecturer and examiner for us since 2022. www.verena-eichel.de

Dr. Verena Eichel_Hintergrund

Dr. Gonçalo Barradas


Dr. Gonçalo Barradas is a registered clinical psychologist (Portugal) with PhD. He is passionate about clinical psychology, dementia rehabilitation and music psychology neurosciences with years of experience working as an assistant lecturer.


Bettina Knüll


This psychologist likes nothing better than to spend her summer holiday wearing a thick jacket in the Arctic circle – and also keeps a level head even when the project gets complicated. She works for us as an examiner, particularly in Industrial and Organisational Psychology.


Dr. Wiebke Käckenmester


Dr. Käckenmester is a psychologist who completed her doctorate in Hamburg and who is an examiner for us. Her dissertation topic (Dopamine Modulation of Individual Differences in Openness to Experience) also fits in well with our examinations.


Diana Müller


Diana Müller, a graduate in Psychology, worked at AIHE some years ago as a course manager. She now works for us as an examiner and at the same time is currently busy training as a psychological psychotherapist. At the time, she had a significant involvement in the development of AIHE.


Dr. Johanna Klement


Dr. Klement is new to the team. She is a physician who now also works for us as an examiner. She focuses particularly on assessing examinations for the degree course Psychological Medicine.


Dr. Jana Timm

Lecturer and Examiner

The graduate psychologist Dr. Jana Timm received her doctorate in the field of cognitive neuroscience at the University of Leipzig. Through her previous activities, she has been able to gain extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of mental fitness, nutrition and health management. She has been an examiner for AIHE since January 2022.


Pia Bönnemann

Lecturer and examiner

This business psychologist has been working for universities and institutes as a lecturer and examiner for four years. Ms Bönnemann has been working for AIHE since 2019. We are delighted to have her support.


Dr. Benjamin Zimmermann


Dr. Zimmermann studied in his home country USA at the University of Illinois in the Cognitive Neuroimaging Lab and also works there. His lectures enrich the neurosciences department.Website


Dr. Stefan Sütterlin

Lecturer and Examiner

Stefan Sütterlin holds a doctorate in psychology and spent many years abroad working primarily on topics in cognitive, biological and clinical psychology. At the Norwegian Östfold University College he works in international research projects in the field of human-technology interaction with a focus on cyberpsychology.

Suetterlin,Dr. Stefan

Andreas Heidenreich


Mr. Heidenreich is a sociologist and has worked for me in a permanent position. When he decided to leave to complete a doctorate, I lost an outstanding examiner. This meant that I was all the more pleased that he is now continuing to work for us on a freelance basis.


Melanie Netzer


Melanie Netzer. As a physiotherapist, trauma therapist and psychologist, she impresses me constantly with her clarity and inner structure. She has been working for us since 2014. A huge gain.


Dr. Maja Tintor

Lecturer and examiner

Dr. Tintor is an examiner and holds lectures on the topic “academic working” and “APA standards”. During webinars, she carries out oral assessments on the students. She is warm and clear, which is a great mix. With this mindset, she works with our students, who have plenty of life and career experience, also underlining the philosophy of AIHE.


Dr. Maupaté-Steiger


Dr Kerstin Maupaté-Steiger became a doctor of philosophy in the field of media sciences and Germanic linguistics and offers us her support as an examiner. Her original dream career was to be a forester, and now at least two squirrels live in her garden.


Dr. Damaris Aschwanden


Dr. Aschwanden is a senior researcher in aging at Florida State University. In her research, she investigates the relationships between personality, cognitive health, and dementia. Damaris Aschwanden grew up in Switzerland and received her PhD from the University of Zurich.

Aschwanden, Damaris

Dr. Ronald Pommer

Lecturer and Examiner

A communication and political scientist with a doctorate in business informatics and a master's degree in business and organisational psychology, Ronald Pommer has been researching and teaching supply chain management and social psychology at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences for more than 20 years. At AIHE, his focus is on aspects of differential psychology in collaborative value creation processes.

Pommer PRO CON

Dr. Jan Marten Ihme

Lecturer and Examiner

A psychologist who is researching digitisation and nonetheless has daily battles with his computer. However, he’s a true master when it comes to dominos. He was once a dominos champion.


Leonie Tuengel


The psychologist and fitness economist has two bachelor's degrees and one master's degree and works for us as an examiner. In her private life, she has been playing handball for 12 years (third league). As an examiner, she’s already in the top league.


Dr. Kristin Hildenbrand


Dr. Hildenbrand is a Diplom-Psychologist and holds a PhD in Work Psychology. She works as Lecturer at Sheffield University Management School, UK and specialises in leadership, leadership development, change and work-life balance.


Dr. Mel Stiller


Dr. Mel Stiller has a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Barcelona. Dr. Stillers current research interests address both the interchange between queer and terror management theory and death-centred interventions in prejudice based on bodily difference (sexism, racism, ableism).

Stiller AIHE

Marcus Lycke


Motivated by his studies, business and organisational psychologist Marcus Lycke has been acting as an examiner for the Academic Institute since October 2021. As a newcomer from the field of strategy and management consulting, he brings a good eye for quality and attention to detail to his job.


Dr. Tina Fischer


Dr. Tina Fischer studied Psychology at the Universiteit Maastricht, the Netherlands and the Université Pierre Mendès- France in Grenoble, France. Her research interest: social discounting, neuroeconomics & decision neuroscience (fMRI), consumer neuroscience. She is therefore perfect as an examiner.


Conception + coordination

Dr. Kristina Herber

Director Courses

Dr. Herber leads and takes responsibility for all the courses we offer in collaboration with London Metropolitan University. She stands out with her intelligence, stringency and solution-oriented approach – combined with a great deal of warmth and humour. This is an ideal combination, which benefits students, colleagues and me myself in equal measure.


Erick Ronoh

Course Manager

Mr. Ronoh leads German and English classes as a psychologist and is part of Dr. Herber's team. Intelligent and with a very quick perception, he fits very well into the team. An athletic basketball player...


Wiebke Mehrens

Course Manager

After a very short period of time, psychologist Wiebke Mehrens had already impressed me with her precise work and her ability to know exactly what she wants. She is very structured and organised and for this reason I offered her a very responsible position after a short induction period, and she is doing an outstanding job of fulfilling it.


Anna Friedrichsen

Course Manager

Anna Friedrichsen, a highly intelligent young psychologist, convinces after just a few sentences with her competence, self-assurance and drive. Ms. Friedrichsen expands Ms. Mehrens' team. A great double.


Dr. Heidrun Wagner

Head of quality management

Dr. Wagner has been working for my company since 2015 in the field of quality management and ISO 9001. She has a very quick mind, is structured and has a witty sense of humour, which often makes us laugh out loud together.


Benita Bohm


Dr. Jiji Philiip

Course manager

Dr. Jiji Philip is the course manager for applied psychology. His professional experience in science and in psychological consulting has led him to AIHE. As an amateur cook of Indian cuisine we are looking forward to great recipe suggestions.


Britta Baghestani

Course Manager

Psychologist Britta Baghestani lived in the USA for 15 years (including in Boston) and worked as a psychotherapist as well as in the field of science and now offers her support to our team and our students as a head of year group. Her analysis is clear and to the point.


Dr. Kahar Abula

Course Manager

Dr. Abula is Uighur and was born and raised in China, studied Sociology and Psychology in Peking and then came to Germany to complete a doctorate. In addition to working as head of year group, Dr Abula supports us by advising Chinese people who are interested in our degree courses.


Dr. Theofanis Tacou

Head of Employment Law degree course

Dr. Tacou is a leading employment lawyer at KPMG. He supports us in the conception of master’s degree courses and further education in the field of employment law and works as a lecturer and examiner. He is a great asset to us, as he is professional, warm and always loyal. Website


Adrian Felske

Course Manager
WhatsApp Image 2023-03-08 at 10.44.22 (6)

Monika von Appen


Monika von Appein is an economist and offers welfare support at AIHE. She manages the office together with Amelie von Schkopp. Her Columbian temperament, her commitment, her customer orientation and her willingness to master new challenges every day mean that she is an important team member.


Prof. Dr. Gerald Kolar

FHWien der WKW

Prof. Dr. Kolar represents FHWien der WKW and he is academic director for all our master’s degree courses. He graduated from the universities of Vienna and Innsbruck with a psychology degree. He lectures at international conferences and has published on the following topics: leadership, performance, team spirit and much more. Collaborating with him gives us great joy.Website


Yanik Zobel


The psychologist and business psychologist brings everything together when creating the concept for new degree courses. Together with our lecturers, he creates the concept for our lectures and recruits the best experts for our lectures worldwide. The valuable quotation from Lother M. Seiwer suits him well: “Take things slowly when you are in a hurry”. Great.


Prof. Achim Wortmann

Academic director

Prof. Wortmann is a business psychologist and supports Mr Zobel in developing degree courses as well as supporting us in teaching as a lecturer. He is both modest and professional. He is also a linguistic genius.


Heike Reimann

Head of Marketing and Consultation

Angela Dehn

Head of finance and accounting

Angela Dehn is a pillar of strength at AIHE. For around 9 years, she has been managing everything to do with finances for the Gensel Group. She is highly responsible and extremely precise. I can rely on her 100%. I also appreciate her personality, her loyalty and her English sense of humour that becomes evident when she suddenly comes out with a saying. Special thanks go to her.


Lea Sophie Fetköter

Course Manager and conceptionist

Psychologist Lea Fetköter has been working at AIHE for 7 years. She had a significant involvement in the development of degree courses which are now successfully running. At the time, I gave her greater responsibilities thanks to her professionalism, although she doesn’t know her right from her left and always has a little bag of salt with her. I hope we will have many more years together.


Amelie von Schkopp


Amelie von Schkopp. Her second name: all-rounder. Together with her colleague Monika von Appen, she manages the office from A-Z. She assists all colleagues, knows all processes and takes on demanding projects such as the development of a new CMS. Clever and quick. A great mix.


Dr. Chris Chandler

London Metropolitan University

Dr. Chris Chandler is Head of Psychology at London Met. Chris is a psychobiologist and came to London Met from the Institute of Psychiatry in 1996. The cooperation with him is very cordial, professional and productive. We will develop many more projects together. I often have to laugh about his typical English humour. I love it. Website


Caroline Berg

Course Manager and conceptionist

Psychologist Caroline Berg is a head of year group and is currently on parental leave. Most recently, her role was in conception.


Rebecca Meetz


Susanne Jahnke

Research Assistant

Susanne Jahnke tends to work behind the scenes and late at night so that she can answer questions from students in other time zones on a timely basis. She responds directly on my behalf and, after consultation with me, will respond to your enquiries.


Jette Stein


Jette Stein supports Mrs. Dehn in the accounting department. At the moment she is on a relaxing parental leave 😉 with her second child. 


Isabel Haack


Nicole Ellwart